Your Therapist

I am a fully qualified nutritional therapist, a member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and of the Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity (HMAO), itself a member of the European and International counterparts,  EASO and IASO. I am a subscriber to the Life Extension magazine of the Life Extension Foundation and the Evexia kai Diatrofi(Well-being and Nutrition) magazine of the Hellenic Institute of Gastroenterology & Nutrition.

My acquaintance with and interest in nutrition goes back to my teenage years, but my academic and professional pursuit in the field started in my early thirties. Having an artistic background (I studied to postgraduate level and worked as a classical pianist for many years) helped me appreciate the ‘art’ behind the structure and workings of the human organism. The moment I stepped into life sciences and nutrition I became as fascinated as I was when learning the methods and techniques of piano playing, the theory and harmony of music, counterpoint and composition. Ultimately, it was the mystery of life and deep-seated need to understand more about it and also, the physical and psychological sufferings of people that finally got me into following a new career.

I qualified in dietetic applications (applied clinical nutrition) in 2007, after a 2-year intensive vocational training course, and completed a BSc in Nutritional Medicine at UWL in 2011, after successfully passing all clinical competencies. At the same time I was studying nutritional medicine I went on to practice as an independent nutrition consultant. I gradually became confident with incorporating the scientific principles and research from my academic studies into individually tailored dietary programmes. I have completed a large number of OU courses across the curricula of life and health sciences and attended a great variety of CPD activities (national and international conferences) in the fields of nutrition and medicine, including specialist areas like orthomolecular medicine, allergy, adolescent health, gastroenterology, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hygiene and food safety, heamatology, autoimmunity, oncology, obesity, chronic pain and respiratory infections.

How I work

I do NOT (or claim to) treat or diagnose and I shall always encourage you to seek medical supervision as warranted by your condition(s) or symptoms. My job is to provide you with the knowledge that can help you achieve optimum health, a sense of all-encompassing wellbeing and quality of life, through better nutrition and lifestyle changes. I believe in a shared-decision model of healthcare – I do not mean to tell you what is right for you, but how you can take responsibility for making your life healthier and brighter. I am committed to researching extensively on your behalf whether in areas I have considerable expertise or in those I may not be so knowledgeable. I am willing to refer you to a colleague if I think you would benefit from specialist advice. My primary aim is to always provide you with options and help you make an informed choice!

BANT Member LogoBeing a BANT member entails that my qualification meets the National Occupational Standards, developed and updated by Skills for Health, and that I can ensure the application of highest standards of education and training in the promotion of your safety and best health outcomes. Nowadays, NTs have to work within an increasingly complex set of rules and regulations and often fragmentary, national or international, legal frameworks. The media and private organizations often pick on a few cases of therapists allegedly not complying with particular standards or codes of practice. Therefore, please understand that the communication of science and research findings regarding nutritional, medicinal or other health claims is often fraught with difficulties and confined within strict boundaries. NTs are not doctors. They are healthcare scientists and educators. With this pivotal role, I aspire to work in an integrated manner shedding light on the possibilities of nutrition science rather than overstating its limitations.

Having an educational background and clinical experience in both dietetics and nutritional therapy, I always try to combine dietetic principles and population guidelines with individualised nutritional recommendations. For example, I shall always take consideration of your energy intake and output and calorific needs as appropriate to your age, height and weight, and devise a nutritional plan that meets your life stage and lifestyle in an ‘energetically’ favourable manner, should you like to lose, or maintain or even gain weight or muscular mass. I strongly believe that a collaborative or integrative model of healthcare, in contrast to the fragmented one usually practised, can offer the most and best chances for healing the increasingly complex disease patterns of modern man and help each person achieve an optimum balance and maximum well-being.

Finally, even though my professional task is not to befriend you in any way, I am hoping that upon embarking on a journey to achieving your optimum health goal you will allow me to be a trustworthy companion and adviser.