What to expect from a Nutritional Therapy Consultation

An initial nutritional therapy consultation lasts about two (2) hours.  This consultation is for us to acquaint with one another and discuss your medical history in detail. In your second appointment, we shall have the chance to explain the guidelines that may have already been provided, talk about research/ background reading relevant to your health concerns, and discuss how recommended lifestyle strategies or nutritional/ supplement regimen(s) can be better implemented in your daily life. The second appointment can also be used for evaluating additional questionnaire(s), test results and/ or any revised diagnosis, if you have been referred back to your GP or other healthcare professional.

  • In your first consultation, we shall discuss dietary and lifestyle aspects related to your current health and personal/ family history medical details.
  • You are welcome to bring along any recent biochemical tests that you may have taken.
  • The consultation involves some or all of the following: a detailed analysis of your nutritional intake, a strategy for health including encouragement to change diet and lifestyle, an action plan for diet and lifestyle changes and the recommendation of a supplement programme.
  • Non-invasive clinical tests can be suggested if underlying conditions and nutritional imbalances need to be ascertained through means other than dietary analysis and case history evaluation.
  • In certain circumstances, I may advise you to see your GP for further clinical evaluation and/ or confirmation of a diagnosis. In addition, you should always inform your physician about any dietary measures or supplements taken concurrently with drugs you may have been prescribed. This is for your safety and regardless of my  commitment as a nutritional practitioner to avoiding potential interactions and/ or contraindications at all times.

Follow-ups, usually arranged in monthly intervals, are essential for:

  • Evaluating the progress that has been made.
  • Facilitating different stages of the proposed programme, especially when obstacles cannot be overcome by the individual alone.
  • If a long-term goal needs to be reached incrementally, the therapist may assist you in different ways at each stage.
  • Subtle adjustments in accordance with changes in lifestyle or health status.

All therapeutic protocols will be recommended for a certain duration of time, so it is always useful to check with the practitioner that the advice given in a previous consultation is up to date. Follow-up appointments can be monthly or at longer intervals, or every 2-3 weeks if you feel you would benefit from some extra support and regular encouragement.

IMPORTANT: There are no extra charges for any recipes, meal ideas, detailed menus and/ or weekly or two-week dietary plans that may be provided. See follow-up and initial consultation rates below.


Initial consultation: £90 (2-hour session)
Follow-up: £60 (1 hour)

Students: £50 (per consultation)

Regular follow-ups (fortnightly): £45 (for each consultation)

Weekly follow-ups (weight management): £35 (for each consultation)

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If you are unable to keep your appointment, please allow a 24-hour notice. Otherwise, you will be required to pay the equivalent of half the initial consultation rate.