“It’s amazing how my life’s changed in a few weeks’ time! No more craving for sweets and pastries and that shows on my clothes! I’ve also begun to appreciate a sense of personal fulfillment, which astonishingly derives from simple dietary adjustments! There’s no obligatory menu or strict number of portions per day- everything is adjusted to my own food preferences and, what’s more, I’ve developed a liking for new tastes, which I was totally unaware of! That’s why I don’t feel I have to struggle against temptations anymore! Thanks a lot, Dimitrios!” (Viktoria Voudouraki)


“I had been sick for 3 months and suffered quite often from colds and viruses when I was recommended to Mr. Velisarakos. On our first appointment Dimitrios investigated my medical history (including some of my family’s details) and nutritional pattern(s) in great depth. He asked for medical diagnoses from my attending physician(s) and referred me back to my doctor for additional blood tests and examination. We discussed the connection between balanced nutrition (and adequate supply of certain dietary components) and optimum reproductive function, which was my primary health concern at that time. By changing my nutritional habits I felt strong again. I have increased my stamina and overall vitality and I have learnt how to combine my food choices to accommodate my health needs and demanding lifestyle. Being now in the second trimester of pregnancy, I am grateful for Dimitrios’s advice, his sensitivity and heart-warming willingness to support me in the most responsible and informative way.” (Barunka Preisinger)


“Going through a troublesome transition, past the reproductive age, I was like other women finding hard to keep my balance and tranquility. I tried nutritional therapy as I always believed in ‘natural solutions’ and my dietary habits themselves were rather disorderly. Dimitrios advised me to discuss the possibilities and limitations of current treatments with my doctor, but pointed out the need to support my hormonal balance with an individualized nutrition programme, also aiming at optimum metabolic function and healthy weight reduction. It was a miracle how my craving for sweets waned and, after a long time, I felt I regained my energy and lost my excess weight! I also realized the benefit of a holistic or integrated approach for weight management by comparing the undesirable bowel problems I used to have each time I was on a diet with the sense of stability and self-control I attained throughout my nutritional therapy programme. Thank you Dimitrios for offering a revitalizing option!” (Vassiliki Kontogianni)